Author: Skylar Bayer

What are you doing on Labor Day? I bet whatever you’re doing is more relaxing than what I’m going to be spending the next three days enduring. This crazy, scallop spawning life.

I know, scallops are delicious and deliciously sexy like the Boiticelli Birth of Venus painting we all know and love. However, I don’t know that many species that get up to the size of birthing a full grown lady.

In Maine scallops are often found among other fun animals like the American lobster, sculpin, rock gunnels, cunner, blue mussels, rock crabs and the green sea urchin. This is an excellent video I caught during the Invertebrate Zoology class I TAed a few years ago. Scallop vs. Urchin was in full swing in the class tank:

While the Scallop lost in the above round, it did win at least one.

The thing to note in the…

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