In May 2018, I reviewed “Writing Science in Plain English,” for the ESA SciComm blog.

In April 2018, I submitted a guest post for Craftologists, a blog about grad students and their hobbies! You can read about my adventures with my dogs, roller derby, brazilian jiu jitsu, storytelling, sportscasting, radio show making and of course postcards!

In June 2017, I wrote a blogpost for the Ecological Society of America about #MySciComm journey.

In November 2016, Maine Sea Grant gave me the opportunity to write for their blog about my scallop DNA research.

In October 2016, I wrote an article on how to write a press release for The Plainspoken Scientist.

The Plainspoken Scientist gave me the chance to write about the benefits of audio. I have a compilation audio piece as part of this post in July 2016.

In February of 2016, I wrote a guest post about copper IUDs on Ask Me About My Uterus.

The staff of the Boston Children’s Hospital Thriving blog asked me to write about my experiences as a patient born with a congenital heart defect. I wrote about my experience in November of 2014.

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