In early 2017, I collaborated with Ocean Science Radio to launch the “Ocean Lovin'” series. This series started on Valentine’s Day (check out all six episodes in this playlist) and ran through June 2017.

Andrew Kornblatt, Vicky Vásquez and I are releasing Ocean Lovin’ 2! I’ll post episodes below as they become available.

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Between 2015 and 2017 I produced and hosted the Strictlyfishwrap Science Radio Hour on WRFR-LP in Rockland, Maine. In late 2016 my husband Thom Young-Bayer became my co-host.

We produced 1-2 podcasts a month that featured interviews with other scientists, especially UMaine graduate students and researchers.

For now the show is on hiatus while I am in D.C. Thom and I love podcasting together and are hoping to either reboot the show later or do something new altogether. I would argue that our last episode from November 2017 was our finest.


In 2018 I was featured on Brain On! a science podcast for kids featured on NPR. Check out the last segment, “Moment of Um” for my clip.

In 2017, Rob Moir of The Ocean River Institute invited Bryce Stewart and me onto his show to talk about king and sea scallops.

In 2015 I appeared on MPBN’s Maine Calling for the Art of Storytelling and Maine Scallops. I also put my producing skills to work by pitching and help bring together both Maine’s aquaculture and 50th anniversary of the Darling Marine Center and the Maine Scallops shows.