I am a Producer for the The Story Collider and have produced shows predominantly in Maine.

I have told for The Story Collider several times, too. I shared my story of diving (and peeing) in Alvin (2014), and then that time my heart started acting like the hummingbird of doom (2016). My husband and I told a story together; it was featured in the episode, “Chemistry” (2017).

Most recently, I performed in the DC show, “Bonds,” in October 2018. My story appeared in the Limelight: Stories about being the Voice of Science episode on April 12, 2019.



In July 2020, I told a story about being defibrillated during a grappling match in 2012. It came out on the podcast February 16, 2021 for the episode “Incongruous!

Sound Bites

In 2017, I was a board member for the Maine-based storytelling group, Sound Bites. In November 2018, I told for the show, “Turning Point.” Season 3 (2018) of Sound Bites is now a new podcast for MPBN.

You can listen to my story here on MPBN or watch below.

In 2019, I told for the show “Green-Eyed Monster,” and you can see the video below.

I suspect it will be out in the MPBN Sunday evening series in March or April of 2020.

The Corner

For The Corner in Lewiston, Maine, I’ve told several times, came in third place for the story slam in May 2016, and I’ve even hosted!

The Moth

October of 2017, I told at The Moth in Burlington, VT. The theme was “Creepy.”

In 2018 I performed at the Moth StorySLAMS “Instincts” and “Disguises.” Below is the video for the “Disguises” show.

Story District

Story District is DC’s renowned storytelling group that puts on monthly shows. I told for the January 8, 2019 show, “Start Up: Stories about Big Ideas and taking Risks.”

(featured image from Story District)

Perfect Liar’s Club: DC

Perfect Liar’s Club is a unique show where the audience interrogates the tellers to find out which stories are true and which is a lie! I was in the January 9, 2019 show in DC. It was phenomenal! I’m not sure when exactly the podcast series is coming out, but I highly recommend checking out the show. It was so much fun.


WGBH – Stories from the Stage

While being filmed, I told a story for Stories from the Stage on June 2019. We will see if it is picked up for their next season (2019-2020)! Stay tuned for updates in the future.


In April 2018, I told in the show “Suited for Battle” as part of the Harpy storytelling series.


Michael Sargent invited me as one of four guests for a discussion about storytelling on his podcast Tatter. The episode is called, Where True Stories Lie.

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