My Sci Comm Career Summary

I love my research and because I love it so much, I enjoy communicating it to the world. I decided years ago that I needed to practice at science communication to become better at communicating my own work. My first real adventure in science communication was launching my blog, Strictlyfishwrap, in 2012. This blog, in addition to some misplaced scallop gonads, landed me a comedy piece on The Colbert Report. This piqued my interest even more in developing a diverse set of science communication skills that I could use to share my science with the world. I started using  Twitter in 2013, that so that helped me stay in touch and learn from other prominent science communicators.

Since then I got involved in live storytelling and producing with The Story Collider, started my own radio show and podcast The Strictlyfishwrap Science Radio Hour (which is on hold for 2018 while I’m in D.C.), and have written for various blogs like The Plainspoken Scientist. Some great folks in New Hampshire even invited me to give a TEDx talk where I explained why the sex life of our seafood matters. Most recently I have joined the ESA Communication & Engagement Section leadership team as the Online Editor. A full list of all my science communication activities can be found below.


As of the 2018 ESA Meeting, I am the Online Editor for the Ecological Society of America’s Communication & Engagement Section. Check out our brand new Twitter account!

Starting at the 2019 ESA annual meeting, I will be the new Secretary for the section!


I am an alum of the 2018 Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship Program. From February 2018 through January 2019, I worked as a legislative fellow on the Senate Environment and Public Works Minority Staff in Washington, D.C., and learned much about how environment and infrastructure policy is made on Capitol Hill.


Check out my page specifically on storytelling experiences and my work as a producer for The Story Collider.

Sea Sick Project

Gabi Serrato Marks and myself are compiling a collection of stories from those who have struggled with all kinds of disabilities and illnesses in the field or even in the lab. Our intention is to develop a published version of this collection. While we have closed our official pitch line, if you have any interest please inquire with one of us.


Talks & Television Experiences

My Speaking Events page covers my latest and more well-known speaking engagements since 2013.

Radio & Podcasts

Check out my experiences producing the Strictlyfishwrap Science Radio Hour, the Ocean’ Lovin’ series, and other radio and podcast experiences.

Blogging: SFW and beyond

In 2012, I started the Strictlyfishwrap (SFW) blog. First, I spent many years soliciting entries from graduate students about their stories of life as a scientist and student. This morphed into a platform for sharing SFW Science Radio Hour podcasts. This year the website is dormant, but that may change in 2019.

I guest blogged for several science communication blogs including AGU and ESA. You can see all my guest posts here.

Videos, Photography & Art Projects

I have dabbled in a few video, photo and art projects through the years. I have a particular fondness for making collages. I continue to submit to the AIBS Faces of Biology Contest every year, despite not producing a winning entry… yet. Check out my page for my highlighted video and photography projects.

Educational Outreach

See my Teaching page for more information on my latest educational outreach activities.

Written Interviews & Publications

Visit my Publications page to see my scientific publications, technical reports, conference summaries and interviews.