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I believe a critical component to teaching effectively is communication. I spent my entire PhD and post-doc experiences exploring and experimenting with different modes of science communication to broaden my communication skills with all kinds of students. I continued this experimentation as a professor at Roger Williams University, designing courses that included ungrading techniques, one-on-one conferences, improv exercises, and an effort to make scientific knowledge accessible to all students as much as possible. I hope to have opportunities to teach similar courses again in the future.

Courses Taught:

Science Communication in the Biological Sciences* (RWU)

Marine Resource Management (RWU)

Aquatic Animal Husbandry (RWU)

Animal Nutrition (RWU)

Limnology (RWU)

Introduction to Ecology and Evolution Lab (RWU)

Marine Biology (RWU)

Aquaculture (RWU)

Ecology (Brown University & M.I.T.)

Invertebrate Zoology (UMaine)

Marine Invertebrates (UMaine, Semester by the Sea)

Estuarine Oceanography (UMaine)

Marine Ecology (UMaine, Semester by the Sea)

Fisheries Science (UMaine, Semester by the Sea)

Integrative Marine Science (UMaine)

*I designed this course to empower students to develop their own style of science communication. This was the first time the course was offered at RWU.

Educational Outreach

While a NRC Postdoctoral Research Associate at the NEFSC Milford Lab, I participate in community events, like the Experience the Sound event in June 2019.

August 2018, I participated in “The Expert Is In” program at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History! It’s a fantastic program and if you’re in DC, I highly recommend the experience.

Since 2018, I am a participating scientist in the Skype-A-Scientist program, virtually visiting schools across the U.S. and even Canada!

I have also participated in quite a few live public outreach opportunities with kids and adults alike for the many years I was based at the Darling Marine Center and prior to that, especially after my submarine dive in Alvin (2007). Most of those experiences were in Massachusetts and Maine.

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