Near Athabasca Falls in Jasper Park, Canada. My dog Millie is shaking off after playing in the glacial river, with the mountains and colorful sky in the background. There’s a forest fire, so the suns colors are scattering off the smoke. Photo by Skylar Bayer.

Press Releases & Highlights

Inside Higher Ed: The Changing Face of Science

Maine Alumni Magazine Winter 2021 Edition: Alumni news, page 55

Sea Education Association: SEA Alumna Dr. Skylar Bayer joins faculty at Roger Williams, authors book

NCCOS News: NOAA, Partners Evaluate Nitrogen Removal Potential of Oysters in Long Island Sound

UMaine News: Researchers use DNA in seawater to monitor scallop reproduction

UMaine News: Bayer talks about Andy Mays in Story Collider

UMaine News: Maine Public to air Skylar Bayer’s ‘Friends in SCUBA’ story

Rapid Ecology: How Improvisation and Acting can Boost your Science (really!)

Scientific American: Young and Struggling in Science

Bangor Daily News: Maine Science Festival pop-up event/fundraiser: The Story Collider – Breaking Boundaries

Tatter, Episode 15: Where True Stories Lie

Live Science: Here’s What Happens to a Styrofoam Cup Under the Deep Sea’s Crushing Pressure

Boothbay Register: Local scientists attend national ocean sciences meeting

UMaine News: UMaine graduates explore marine policy in Washington, D.C.

Merryspring Winter Talk series: Headless Mollusks that Conquered the Planet

UMaine News: Reading the genetic signature of the sea scallop

The Village Soup: ‘Not Sorry’ Women Share Their Tales

Ecological Society of America: ESA SciComm Section puts the human element front-and-center in #MySciComm blog series and #ESA2017 workshops and special events

UMaine News: Skylar Bayer receives Ph.D. for scallop research at Darling Marine Center

UMaine News & UMaine scientist learns population size of scallops affects fertilization success

UMaine News: Skylar Bayer dishes on seafood in TEDx talk

UMaine News: Bayer produces event where stories, science collide in Bangor

Boothbay Register: Graduate students receive awards

UMaine News: UMaine Student Produces Science Storytelling Event

Slate: Stephen Colbert is the best thing to ever happen to science on TV

Deep Sea News: The Enemy Within — Dr. Skylar Bayer on the Colbert Report

Bangor Daily News: ‘Colbert Report’ tackles MDI missing scallop guts caper

Spotlight Articles & Interviews

Interviewee, “Underwater Volcanoes and Scallop Porn” November 9, 2020, Here We Are podcast.

Interviewee, “Scallops & Uncharted Book,” Episode 40, Water Women podcast

Interviewee, “The Heart of the Ocean,” Episode 3, The Big Deep podcast

Hannah Rudd’s Leading Women in Marine Science Series – Skylar Bayer

Jason Havey interviewed me for his podcast, Spinning Logic in Episode 157 (released January 2nd, 2018)

Scallop Secrets. Mary Ellen Hare. Lincoln County Magazine, Vol. 13 (10), June 2017 (in print only)

Henry David Thoreau Scholars Profile

MIT Interview Re: Colbert Report

Earth Science Women’s Network Spotlight

Deep Sea News Re: Colbert Report

Featured NSF Fellow in University of Maine’s The Higher Degree, Vol. 2 (2), 2012

HDTF Spotlight article, 6 (2), Fall 2006: “Climate Change Focus of Alaska Internship.”

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